Year-Round Schooling.

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Audience: Families with children in grades k-12 Year-Round Schooling The school year begins and instead of feeling tired or dreading the upcoming school session, both teachers and students are rested and ready to work hard the entire time till the next break. How is this done? - Year-round schooling. With the school in session for shorter amounts of time with more frequent breaks teachers and students can now look forward to their experience at school …

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…the very worst reports, there's no one anywhere who has shown that year-round education hurts kids, so I say with confidence your students will do as well as or better than they've been doing,' (Mr.Ballinger) said in an interview. 'Even if you only makes modest gains each year for 12 years, you have a significant gain in the end, and sometimes people, including researchers, forget that.' Overall, the year-round school schedule profits everyone.