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Y2K is a Joke Everybody is wondering what is going to happen in the year 2000. Nobody really knows exactly what is going to happen. Nevertheless, a lot of business people are making money using scare tactics and hype to make people nervous about the future. With all of the technology in today's society and everyone modernizing his or her computer, there will not likely be a problem in the new millennium. The issue of …

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…millennium. With just a little forethought and system upgrading, everyone should be able to continue to use and enjoy the technological advances of the past few years. Bibliography Works Cited Newberry, Jon. "The Great Y2K Escape." ABA Journal. 1998: 90. Seymour, Jim. "Y2K Countdown." PC Magazine. Apr. 1999: 100-126. Ulrich, Wiliam M. and Ian S. Hayes. The Year 2000 Software Crisis. New Jersey: Yourdon Press, 1997. "What is the Y2K Problem?" Mitre Y2K Team. 29 Mar. 1999. (29 Mar. 1999).