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Well we all have heard of the new and improved "Wonder Woman" Xena Warrior Princess, but what makes her such a hot topic? Is it her style of woman empowerment, or something else? What does she have that most women in the mortal world don't? She is intimidating! Well, most women are that. She can fight men twice her size. Most women can do that. As described by the Xena herself "she has many skill" …

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…mortality. In conclusion Xena's heart and soul is immeasurable. Untamed by any one. Fighting to right the wrongs of long ago. Taking chance upon chance to bring light to her dark heart. " Her courage will change the world." The mythical world is a better place with a friend and great warrior like Xena the Warrior Princess in it. Her everlasting journey continues! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** www.xenafan.com, oct-5-2000, www.studiousa.com/xena, 9-26-20000