Wuthering Heights Ch.1

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Refer to chapter one of Wuthering Heights and comment on how Bronte introduces her reader to the novel. You should comment on: · Setting and atmosphere created, · Characters and how they interact, · Use of language. Perhaps the first thing to strike the reader is the strength, clarity and forthright manner of Emily Bronte’s narrative method. The description of Lockwood and Heathcliff is lucid and deft, the writer establishing their personalities with a scrap of dialogue …

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…atmosphere is at Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff’s temperament and character is explored early on and there are glimpses of his internal rage and hostility as well as references to the devil. Lockwood’s narration merely outlines these points as his nature is the exact opposite of the house’s. His civilised approach is much contrasted by the raw and uncivilised surroundings of the premises and his language and attitude shows this contradiction clearly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**