Write about a person that has effected your life. This is a descriptive encounter with a young, homeless girl around Christmas.

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Only a few days before Christmas the shelter was all decorated, a façade of Christmas bliss meant to bring joy into the lives of the worlds less fortunate. I, along with a few of my friends, was serving food through SOME (So Others Might Eat). As I stood passing out hot chocolate and coffee, I watched the small children running around. I watched with enjoyment their happiness and carefree play and not so long …

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…girl; and such a smile I had never witnessed before. Knowing that I could just by a few words, take away a worry of a child, with already so many things to worry about, has always stayed with me. Before I left that day I made sure that the shelter would help provide presents so that little girl would know she wouldn't be forgotten. Little did she know that I would not forget her either.