World War II, the results of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

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Due to events that occurred in December of 1941, the United States brought about changes throughout the world. Although World War Two had been going on since September 1, 1939, the United States had never wanted to become involved. They signed various peace treaties, such as the Neutrality Acts, that stated that the United States would not help either side in the war. Although the United States was staying neutral, they had done many things to help the …

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…the second was the creation and dropping of the Atomic Bomb. Without the United States involvement in World War Two, the allies would have probably lost. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was a very strategic attack upon the United States by Japan, but all they did was awaken a sleeping giant. The events following the bombing had actually helped gain power for the Allies, by the Americans entering the war and creating the Atomic bomb.