World War I2

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WHO AND/OR WHAT CAUSED World War I Who started World War I? According to the treaty of Versailles Germany and their allies started the war (document 4)(see fig 1.0). In this essay I will tell you why I think that all of Europe is responsible for the outbreak of World War I. In the essay I will use 6 of the 7 documents in the document-based question and use some outside sources to prove my theories. Nationalism …

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…France supporting Russia so they would not have to face Germany alone, which led to England joining in the allies side so they can wipe out Germanys navy. And like Sidney Bradshaw said ďall European countries in greater or lesser degree were responsible for the outbreak of World War I (document 6).Ē Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. DBQ (1,2,,4,5,6,7) 2. Childcraft dictionary 3. Wh= world history textbook 4. Ce= Comptonís encyclopedia 5. Fig 1.0= article 231 of the Versailles treaty fig 2.0-3.5= Comptonís encyclopedia