World War 1 Neutrality

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The United States, without doubt, had to become a major part of World War 1. Isolationism was simply not an option. The U.S. had no choice but to defend both itself and its allies from the hostility of the Germans. There was truly no other option. A nation as strong as the United States could not simply sit back while being mocked, embarrassed threatened and, finally, attacked, by the German war effort. We did nothing …

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…warfare, a practice which the United States had been unaware of at that time. In the end, one can see that Isolationism was simply not an option. In his proposed 14 Points, Wilson made it clear that freedom of the seas was vital to not only the United States, but the entire global community. Had the United States never entered the war, the world would be a far different, far more restricted, dangerous, place to live.