Working in Victorian America.

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Major transformations in daily life began in the 1870's for America. One of the main revolutions was that of labor. Industries expanded, immigration boomed, and the need for mass production and efficiency in the workplace was now necessary. In order for companies and manufacturers to keep up with changing society and times, major renovations in labor occurred. The birth of white-collar workers, a revolutionized office work and environment, women infiltrating the workplace, and shifts in …

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…many of which were married, in contrast to the usual working white woman. Blacks constituted half of domestic service workers in 1930. Throughout the Victorian era, dramatic changes in labor occurred in result of increasing population, need for mass production, and the working world's obsession with efficiency in business. White-collar work, enlargement of office work, women in the work field, and shifts in domestic service--all branching from the transformations in society, culture, and the job market.