Woody Allen's movies within a movie

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"A plethora of people have written about Woody Allen", John Lahr said "and they either like him or dislike him. But no one has yet managed, I think, to interpret him." Woody Allen has been revered as one of the brilliant artists of the twentieth century and at the same time called a pervert. His works have been called jokes but also masterpieces. Many critics have tried to explain why Allen writes the things he …

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…es home with a new look on life and finds his wife, who was infertile before, pregnant. It is little wonder that Allen chooses his place of worship as the savior of Mickey's life. Allen is equating movies with the highest order on earth, life. Allen firmly believes that life can be complemented and balanced with movies. If a movie can make you cry, why can't it also make you do the opposite, uplift you.