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The largest rock concert ever was comeing to town. Threedays not hours of music. Threedays not hours of music. Campingout under the stas. This was going to be a serious party.Woodstock was the greatest rock concert ever to take place in the United States. Four very different very young people sponsered Woodstock. The youngest was only twenty-six. Micheal Lang, Artie Kornfield, John Roberts, and Joel Roseman. The original idea was to promote a rcording …

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…the surrounding niehgborhoods. Yet the concert was peaceful. Everyday the Woodstock site recieves visitors from throughout the country. There are no signs, no admission just a side road off a small highway. Nothing special to se just a huge plot of land that used to be a dairy farm in 1969. The cars pull up; the cameras click, people from all walks off life stroll through and remember. Everday, every year the same scene is repeated.