Women's Suffrage 2

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In Colonial America women had no rights and were considered property of their husbands. This did not settle well with most of the women therefore creating some opposition. One of the main things women could not do was to vote. So until 1920 and the introduction of the 19th amendment women had to suffer and withstand persecution from other Americans. This suffering and hard work to create equal opportunities for both sexes created a better future …

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…of America accomplished their ongoing task of achieving the right to vote on August 9, 1920. Because of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan Anthony, and all the other women who participated in the suffrage movement, the women of America have the right to vote. Since they were granted the right to vote, women's rights have increased over the past seventy-eight years and now men and women are equal with the Equal Rights Amendment (which has never been ratified).