Womens Liberty according to Mill

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Woman as a Victim of Liberty Revealing the applications of J.S. Mill's notorious essays, On Liberty, Utilitarianism and The Subjection of Women, exposes ideological merits crucial to the understanding of the efficacy, or inadequacy, of social morality and capability; neither of which are mutually exclusive. In reducing the philosophy to a manageable intensity and modern applicability, an illustration can be drawn in consideration to the employment procedure. How, for instance, would Mill address the …

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…female employee still victim of external pressure, may be incapable of attaining employment due to external morals believing she will require the same compensation as an individual who is more committed to his or her occupation. Nevertheless, it is evident that in our patriarchal culture, many women are trapped by social expectations, and, whether through the application of Mill's theories, or through contemporary legislation, true equality will never be achieved without a deeper internalized credence.