Women in the Fabliaux

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Females are portrayed in the Fabliaux as having certain distinct characteristics. In “Les Quatre Sohais Saint-Martin”, “The Chevalier Who Made Cunts Talk”, and “The Miller’s Prologue and Tale” medieval women are portrayed in similar ways. Women are imaginative and therefor their thoughts must be controlled. They also, in the Fabliaux, crave sex and have sexually creative minds. These three Fabliaux texts present women that are similar and represent commonly held views about the female …

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…unable and she needs to replenish her dry body. Whatever the reason behind these women’s sexual desires, they are still presented in the three Fabliaux. Women are also represented as being very imaginative and creative in the texts. While these are three very different works with different plots and characters, the themes about women remain the same in all of them, and reflect the common views of women held, by men, at the time.