Women in Transitional Worlds

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Women in Transitional Worlds In a world where a woman's sphere was defined by their duties of motherhood, child-rearing, and homemaking; the beginnings of industrialization posed specific concerns on the impact that factory work would have on family life, even more specifically on women. The nineteenth-century witnessed a crucial change in the established pattern of society. Women were at crossroads where their domesticity, in the early period of industrialization, became challenged. This was a time …

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…accessibility to appliances and the automobile. After enumerating some of the similarities and differences of both period periods, women will be better off living in the twenties. Because the concepts and expectations about women in general are more relaxed than the period of the women of Lowell. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** A compairison of women from the year 1890 and the year 1920. This report gives refference to the book Exploring the American Past. This report got an A.