Women in Orwell's Burmese Days

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As a woman in the 20th Century, I feel the need to fit into certain molds that society chooses. Through the continued exposure to television, magazines, and other forms of media, I, along with others, feel the pressure to be what society wants me to be. For example, the media is not shy when revealing the “ideal figure” that they believe every woman should have. Indeed, 36-24-36 is a sign of our time, being …

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…deserve. In history, women were often thought of as inferior, both mentally and physically. In today’s changing times, one would seldom see the stereotypes of women shown in Burmese Days anywhere in America. However, sadly in many other parts of the world, everyday women are discriminated against; their rights are taken away by some nameless government. It is our own ignorance as a people that hinder us from seeing beyond racial and gender barriers.