Women in Hamlet

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Gertrude and Ophelia are the only two leading ladies in Hamlet and have been seen as similar characters from outside impressions. Both are followers and easily led by the men they love. Also, they are both confused and not in control of their surroundings. However, perhaps Ophelia’s much younger age makes her more innocent and naive than Gertrude and is hence more a victim here than anyone else. Unlike Gertrude, who performed a social …

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…role in society is that of a puppet. The Queen and Ophelia are both only props to Shakespeare’s chauvinistic world of Hamlet. However, Ophelia can be seen as the true victim in this play. She died because she loved and was too pure and innocent to fend for herself. As a result, Ophelia could be seen as dying for her virtues while the other characters, Gertrude included, perished as a result of their faults.