"Women in Ancient Israel" compares Israelite women and their influence to other women in different civilations during ancient times

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Present day women are essentially regarded to as equals to men, but women have not always possessed this respectful status. Women today are allowed to obtain education, vote, and hold jobs previously considered only for males. The extent of numerous ancient civilizations' female activities included cleaning, cooking, producing heirs, and raising the children. Women were not allowed to receive much of an education and several of the jobs within their society were for males only. …

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…well as mistreated; however, Israelite women appear to have fared better off than some of the other ancient civilizations' women. In some cultures, women were regarded as nothing more than domestic animals to be punished by starvation for disobedience and mutilated as a sign of servitude. Such was not the thinking in Israel, women were essential in motherhood, creating households, bearing children, and numerous other factors they were taken for granted by countless Israelite men.