Women in 5th century bce Athens

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5th bce century greece The 5th century BCE was a period of great development in Ancient Greece, and specifically Athens. The development of so many cultural achievements within Athens and the Athenian Empire has led historians to deem this period a "Golden Age." It is true that this period had many achievements, but in light of the Athenians treatment of women, metics, and slaves it is a question whether or not the period can truly …

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…but the democracy of Athens can be considered the father of today's democracy. Also Athenian scholars gave the world a sense of thinking that is taught in schools even today. Even though Athens has been dead for over two thousand years its contributions are still benefiting the world today. Refrences 1) Demand, Nancy. A History of Ancient Greece. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1996 2) Roberts, J.M. A History of Europe. New York: Allen Lane,1996 (p. 27-30) 3) Class Text