Women Hollering Creek

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The Hidden Story of a Battered Woman In describing "Women Hollering Creek," Sandra Cisneros uses hidden examples to show the pain, anguish, and despair a battered woman feels. The misleading images of the passions people have on the telenovas show us a glimpse of the life Cleofila wishes to lead. The constant fascination Cleofila has of the arroyo, which legend says is haunted by women who lived tragic lives. This fascination shows us the longing …

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…woman and voicing it. Voicing it like a man, as Cleofila points out when Felice says, "I used to own a Pontiac Sunbird. But those cars are for viejas. Pussy cars…What kind of talk was that coming from a women? (175)". Here at the end of the story the sound of water of the arroyo comes into play again, "It was the gurgling out of her own throat, a long ribbon of laughter, like water (175)".