Woman's Suffrage

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Womenís Suffrage Francis Parkman was a man that strongly disagreed with the womenís suffrage movement. He felt so strongly about it that he decided to put his thoughts down on paper in the form of a newspaper editorial. This editorial was written in 1875 and was called Women are Unfit to Vote. It consisted of the reasons why Parkman believed womanís suffrage was wrong. I, a newspaper editor in 1920 that supports the Nineteenth …

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…WKST, Pigott, February, 1999) Francis Parkman wrote his essay on purely his own thoughts. He had no evidence to back his views up. He was completely wrong and out of line in his beliefs. Now, I hope that you, the reader, see, if you did not before, how capable women are. They should definitely be granted the right to vote. If you donít, I hope I was able to open your eyes a little bit.