Witch-Hunts Salem and McCarthyism

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Witch Hunts: Salem and McCarthyism Imagine what it would be like to be labeled a Communist for the mere fact that you happened to sport a goatee? It happened in the 1950’s McCarthyism period! Doesn’t this sound strangely similar to the Salem witch-hunts? Perfectly normal people accused of being witches just because they were seen dancing strangely in the woods. McCarthyism and the Salem witch-hunts were both attempts by power-hungry people to diminish their …

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…secretary of the Army was not cooperating to uncover Communists in the U.S. military. These hearings were given a great amount of media coverage and that did much to end the anti Communist “witch-hunt” led by McCarthy. A resolution of censure against McCarthy was soon introduced in the Senate. On December 2, 1954, Senator Joseph McCarthy was condemned in a vote of a special session of the U.S. Senate for his conduct in Senate committees.