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In the novel Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson, women are presented much differently than men. Women are presented as sex objects, powerless, and over-emotional. I will use Louise Trunion, Louise Hardy, and Virginia Richmond as examples to show Andersonís view on women. Also, Wash Williams, George Willard, and Tom Willard are examples of men in Winesburg, Ohio that show it was acceptable at the time to have these views. Firstly, Trunion possesses a much …

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…Willard and George Willard all are characters constructed by Anderson to show bad experiences with women. Unfaithfulness, sexual frivolity and an image of weakness to women are in these characters' tales. It is therefore quite easy to conclude that Anderson shows some evidence as to the nature of women, mainly in the perceptions of the men, but still, Anderson shows women as weak,less intelligent and unable to control passion in his novel Winesburg, Ohio.