Wind from a Foriegn Sky

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Wind from a Foriegn Sky A Wind From a Foreign Sky is a very interesting novel. It is full of magic, knights, witches and all sorts of unknown evil. In the beginning of the novel, Gaultry, the heroine, is in the town on market day, she’s attacked on her way home, but is saved by a knight, sent by her father. Martin, her rescuer, was sent by Gaultry’s father to protect her and …

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…anyone can meet or exceed their highest expectations of themselves. I did not really think about how truly evil, or purely good people can be. In the novel, the chancellor was the factor of evil, and Gaultry was the side of pure good. Through the entire book, Gaultry did not think truly of herself, but of other people first. I think the author’s theme was that were there is good, there is always evil.