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William Wordsworth, one of the most important and revolutionary poets of the English romantic movement. Also the worlds greatest nature poets. Mathew Arnold, a critic, said, "Wordsworth's poetry os great because of the extraordinary power in which he feels the joy offered to us in nature...and because of the power in which he shows us this joy and renders it." William Wordsworth was born on April 7,1770. In Cockermouth, West Cumberland which is located in …

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…named Mary Hutchinson. She was a country girl he had known since childhood. With her he had four children. Slowly, but surely his fame grew. Late in his life he was awarded a honorary doctorate by Oxford University and was appointed poet laureate in 1843. At the time of his death in 1850 he was buried in the Churchyard of Grasmere. This land was the land he immortalized in his verse. William Wordsworth the greatest nature poets.