William Shakespeare's Othello 2

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?All people, whether good or bad, have certain qualities or weaknesses of character. Characters are naive and this leads to downfall. In addition, characters keeping things to themselves allows them to be vulnerable. Finally, Characters have the trait of jealousy which ends with death and tragedy. In Shakespeare’s Othello, the downfall of certain players are caused by flaws in their own character. The naivety of some characters can lead to quarrels, arguments, and breakdown …

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…caused pg. 4 by fate or any other extraordinary circumstance, it happened because they were not strong enough that they could handle their own emotions and feelings. When society leaders such as Othello cannot hold there own in terms of strength of character, then someone like him should not be put in the position of General. In the play Othello, the players’ downfall is not caused by fate but by the weakness of their own character.