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William Cuthbert Faulkner started off his working career as a bank clerk, then a Winchester Repeating Arms clerk, a Mississippi postmaster, a coal shoveler, a cadet pilot, and finally a poet, novelist and screenwriter. Faulkner was born in Oxford, Mississippi 1897 and died in the south in 1962. According to the Contemporary Authors series, " he wrote about fifty works from the time he published his first collection of poetry, The Marble Fawn, in 1924 to the last of …

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…him, the landscape he is traversing. He does not know the future, but, very clearly identifies the past (CA 69)." His writings consistently exhibited psychology and local color and were always in the deep south. It is Faulkner's consistent style of writing, his openness against the social and racial classes, which earned him the Nobel Prize for literature in 1950 for Intruder in the Dust, that has given him a place in the best of the best.