William Blake and Napoleon Bonaparte with respect to their roles in the Romantic Era.

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Romanticism with the Specific Inclusion and Criticism of Blake and Bonaparte To date I have never been truly "caught" by any movement in history or any of the so-called "isms" that formed it, but in my recent studies of Romanticism and the feelings that it brought to show the world, I have been amazed. Never have I felt that my very thoughts and reasons in how I examine the natural world, literature, and most every …

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…the poets, and the writers and great thinkers of the time were given prosperity in new ventures of writing and visualizing beauty all around. The People of the movement saw what could be accomplished through mutual inspiration of a great many thinkers, and so this Romanticism, this pure devotion to the arts of nature and defiance of science brought about an ushering to a new period with no defeat to an end of the previous.