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Wilfred Owen Poems Analysis 20th Century War Poems Analysis I think that your production of a new book "Anthology for a Warred Youth", the content it should include is of three sections. The three sections should consist of "Sending Men of to War," "Horror within War" and "After effects of War". The five poems you should include are "The Send-off," "The Going of the Battery", "Joining the Colours", "Dulce Est Decorum Et" and "Disabled". The …

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…poem you can sense Owen's argument that serving and dying for you country is not honourable and glory, but it is painful and horrifying. His main point of writing this poem must have been that war should be taken seriously and not passed off as a child's play. Dulce Est Decorum Et is a piece of poetry, which is meant to show the disgusting, graphical details of war that are oblivious to the general public.