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Danger, Will Robinson: Why You Might Not Want To Keep An Online Journal Which brings me to an important question, one you have to ask yourself before embarking on keeping a web journal: Why are you doing this? I really wish more people would ask this before they start. The answer to this question might stop more of these journals before they start. Depending on what information you make available, people can learn an awful …

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…that purpose well. But now, well....now I feel that my reasons are chaining. Or perhaps that need isn't being fulfilled anymore. I don't know for certain... -- Jackie, Estrogen, March 14, 1997 Now, some of these people went back to writing their journal, and some did not. In fact, Tracy's site is entirely gone now. But writing a journal can and has spiraled out of control. THINK before you DO. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** http://www.maggyworld.com