Why we should go to war with Iraq!

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To those who believe President Bush is a warmonger, singling-out North Korea and Iraq for his own self-serving political agenda; to those who believe that we should "give peace a chance"; I have but one thing to say: "WAKE UP!" What did you expect the United States to do after the twin towers and Pentagon were attacked? Write up a treaty for the Taliban? Beg bin Laden for mercy? The fact is that terrorists and …

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…and your family and the future of America before their own lives. You may think that the solution is simple, that we can keep peace by being a global recluse. But it isn't -- and we can't. Welcome to the paradox of American politics. You only live in peace today because brave men before you fought and died for our land, our freedom and you. Why shouldn't we be willing to risk as much now?