Why was the war of 1812 favored by the South and West and opposed by New England? Includes a bibliogrophy.

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Why was the war of 1812 favored by the south and west and opposed by New England? The War of 1812 is one of the most complex wars of the United States. The war lasted for over two years, and while it ended as it had started, in stalemate, it was in fact a war that once and for all confirmed American Independence. The United States declared War on Great Britain on June 12, 1812. The war was declared …

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…division between New England and the south and west, the war resulted in intense feelings of nationalism and patriotism all over the United States. The people came out more unified than ever and with a greater pride for their country. Bibliography 1.Boorstin, Daniel J. and Brooks Mather Kelly. A History of the United States. Needham: Prentice Hall, 1996. 2.Horsman, Reginald. "War of 1812," WorldBookOnline, http://www.aolsvc.worldbook.aol.com/ar?/na/ar/co/ar591480.htm, November 15, 2002.