Why the U.S. should not go to war with Iraq, and Bush's hidden agenda

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President Bush recently announced a strategic global doctrine that justifies a "preemptive US strike" against any regime that is thought to possess weapons of mass destruction, but the CIA released a report that provided clear evidence that Iraq possesses less of a threat to the world now than at any other time in the past decade (Scheer par. 1). The report concludes that Iraq's chemical weapons "capability was reduced during the UNSCOM [United Nations Special Commission] …

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…wage a war against a country against which there is no proof of evil intentions. There have been several situations in the past where the US has wrongfully engaged in war; Bush should seriously reconsider a full scale attack on Iraq; it would result in a massive loss of life for both the US and Iraqi army, as well as substancial loss of civilian life. Not to mention how Saddam might retaliate to an attack.