Why the Cold War was not a hot

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“Why did Soviet-American hostility between 1947 and 1962 not result in a world war?” A janitor leans on a switch, lets loose a nuclear bomb onto the USA who replies with a deadly barrage, which in turn lets missiles from everywhere loose, destroying everything. Nuclear power has the potential to completely wipe out the human race. We witnessed the destruction of nuclear power at the end of World War II. This form of power almost came into …

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…to justify a nuclear attack and it is clear from my readings, that there was no real intention for a nuclear attack; the missiles were there more so to threaten each other. Bibliography: Origins of the Cold War- An International History Melvyn P.Leiffels (Ed) and David S.Painter(Ed).July 1994. The Cold War- An International History David S.Painter (August 1999) The Cold War 1945-1991 John Mason (January 1999) Internet site www.pjhealy.com/coldwar.html