Why should we agree with Aristotle that reason is good for us? This essay explains how Aristotle believed that reason leads to happiness.

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We should agree with Aristotle that our use of reason is good for us because happiness is the ultimate end and reason is the only way of attaining this happiness. When Aristotle referred to happiness, or eudaemonia, he did not mean today's definition of a feeling of well being but rather "living well and doing well." (1095a 19) Happiness is an important aspect of Aristotle's philosophy because for him it was an activity of the soul …

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…happiness as an end in itself is the ultimate end and function of human beings. The only method of attainting this happiness is through reason. A life that does not exercise the capacity to reason will end up in some way being incomplete and never reach perfection. Therefore, reason is not only good for us but necessary to reach a compete life. Please note: All references in this essay are referring to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics.