Why people gravitate towards evil.

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There are many reasons why people gravitate towards evil. For instance, there are two Psychological theories for what makes people behave as they do and they are nature (biological factors) versus nurture (environmental factors). The nature theory would suggest that certain people would gravitate towards evil because there is something in their biological make-up that causes them to behave this way. On the other hand, the nurture theory would argue that if a person grew …

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…nurture theory argues that if a person grew up in a bad environment, they would behave in an undesirable manner. How much behavior is a matter of free will and how much is subject to determinism? Lastly, people might gravitate towards evil because they are born with a sinful nature. Nature versus nurture, free will, and sinful nature; these are only some of the reasons why we as humans go towards evil instead of good.