Why is Vatican II so significant in the modern church?

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Why is Vatican II so significant in the modern church? INTRODUCTION: VATICAN II Vatican II was the 21st ecumenical council recognized by the Roman Catholic church, which became the symbol of the church's openness to the modern world. The council was announced by Pope John XXIII on January 25, 1959, and held 178 meetings in the autumn of each of four successive years. The first gathering was on October 11, 1962, and the last on December 8, 1965. Of 2908 bishops and others …

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…the Church, what we know it as now. Vatican II has molded the modern Church and has had most influence on it. Therefore, it is explicitly obvious that Vatican II was what made Church what we know as the 'Modern Church.' If Vatican II did not take place, there would not be a 'Modern Church.' ----Bibliography: Information obtained from the following sources: 1) Encyclopedia Britannica 2) Roman Catholic Church History 3) Various handouts in Religion Class