Why did the Bourbon Restoration only last until 1830

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Why did the Bourbon Restoration only last until 1830? The Bourbon monarchy that had been reinstated after the defeat of Napoleon in 1814, was descended from previous kings of France and had been selected by the allied powers as the most likely successor to the throne of France. This regime only lasted for another sixteen years before the revolution of Les trois glorieuses in july 1830 put an end to the reign of Charles the Tenth and led …

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…of action to secure Paris before he issued his ordinances. The Bourbon retoration was ended by a combination of factors that each singly would not have been enough to cause a revolution, but when combined together caused an explosive mix. Bibliography: France : Monarchy, Republic and Empire 1814-70 K.Randall Years of nationalism : European History 1815-1890 K.W. Cowie R. Wolfson History of modern France ( volume II ) 1799-1871 A. Cobban The Great powers 1814-1914 E.Wilmot