Why did some men desert and refuse to obey orders in the Western Front, and were they treated too harshly? Looks at the results of shell shock and punishments in the trenches.

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Why did some men desert or refuse to obey orders on the Western Front and were they treated to harshly? The western front was a place of in despicable suffering and death. The trenches were damp and wet. They were brimming with disease. Amongst this there was constant shell fire described as 'true hell on Earth.' The trenches were physical protection from the raging war, but they offered no physiological shelter. Numerous men were …

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…but this is very controversial. If a pardon is given it would mean that those in the firing squad were guilty of murder along with General Haig. In recent years, relatives of the 306 executed were allowed to walk alongside World War I veterans on Remembrance Day and lay wreaths at the Cenotaph in London. Only once the government and the families can resolve their feud, can we feel that the men truly rest in peace.