Why did Mussolini's power survive the Matteotti crisis?

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There was a range of factors contributing to Mussolini's prevailing power throughout the Matteotti affair. Whilst there was an initial public furore surrounding the murder of the Anti-Fascist politician, a range of groups and support from these parties meant that Mussolini was to triumph. The King, the Army and the Elite of Italian society were the main factors in Mussolini's continued support. King Victor Emmanuel III was a great advocate of Mussolini. Although he had …

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…to aid him, but almost certainly would not have initiated the imposition of dictatorship without the force of the Ras. Other coincidental factors such as fear of a Socialist Revolution also worked in his favour, as he made the step towards ultimate power. With the dictatorship came increased authority and the ability to suppress opposition or organised protest against Fascism. So completed Mussolini's journey through the Matteotti crisis, secure in his new position of power.