Why college students suffer from insomnia.

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Infomercials. They're all you can find at three in the morning to watch on television. After awhile, you find a few programs to watch or you pop in a movie. Night after night you sit in your bed wide awake each time longer than the last. Then you realize you have insomnia, but how you got it is what bothers you. Stress related insomnia can be caused by bad sleep patterns, school, and worries about …

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…awake. No matter what there will come a point in our life when we are stressed. We might deal with it or stay awake thinking about it. Temporary insomnia will go away but chronic insomnia requires medical attention. Hopefully other students are finding a way to sleep peacefully. Until I can, lifetime shows some pretty good movies at night. References www.shuteye.com www.dawgnet.com - Nguyen, Thu 1999 The New York Times Gest, Jane 2002