Why are the students in US finding history classes insipid? A brief view into the problems history teachers and historical textbooks tend to bear that keep the students from knowing the "truth".

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For years the idea of a caring America, where all peoples of different races enjoy liberty and peace, has been passed on to students so as to build a sense of nationalism. "You have a proud heritage. Be all that you can be. The United States is a free and democratic society. " These are the attitudes many history teachers so often tell their students to hold onto as they study the history of the US. …

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…details, they still leave out what we need to know about the American past. This past may contain the atrocities of a well-known hero or brutalities done to a peaceful tribe by a powerful race. Whatever the obscured secrets are, these startling errors of omission and distortion keep the world from knowing the truth of American history. It is time that we recognize the problem and teach others what has gone wrong. By Cynthia Yeh