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Ashley M. Watson Mr. Ward African American Studies March 17, 2000 BOOK REPORT “Why We Can’t Wait,” by Luther King, Jr. “WHY WE CAN’T WAIT” Martin Luther King, Jr. I was reluctant to read this book that was originally assigned as a part of my African American Studies, but I am very glad that I did. As a black female born in 1981 who grew up in a neighborhood that did not have the black only …

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…moving book and one that opened my eyes. It opened my eyes to some of the injustices that took place before my time. In general, it is a vivid behind-the-scenes account of the Civil Rights movement and gives a fascinating glimpse into how political movements are sustained and implemented. I recommend it highly for anyone, especially those of us born too late to understand the civil rights movement and the horrors that prompted it firsthand.