Why Hester Is A Whore

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Adulterous relationships always end in pain. Examples of such pain are present throughout the intricate web of time. From Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, to the media buffet of Bill Clinton, adultery leaves pain. Hester embodies this pain. Not in pity but in cause. She embodies pain. Pain of loss, suffering. The pain of adulterous relationships. The universal wronging of adultery is deserving of such pain. Even in present times, with views much lax than puritan …

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…In her time and ours, sleeping with another man while in the institution of marriage is punishable and universally wrong. She knowingly besmirched herself aware of the consequences and deserved everything she was forced to bear. The totality of her wrong spans across many levels; husband, marriage, townsfolk’s, God, herself. Even today we have the same sentiment towards people of her nature. Nathaniel Hawthorn’s "The Scarlet Letter" deals in the justice of adultery.