Why Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

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Assisted Suicide: Why it Should be Legal Rachel Lyndon Our society has adopted many rules that they think should apply to all the masses. One rule that our society has adopted, with a few notable exceptions in cases of war and capital punishment, is that is that it's wrong to take a life. This rule helps ensure personal security, interpersonal trust, and social stability. The "rule" is so important, some people say, that to change …

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…this suffering is what IS inhumane. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Cowley, Geoffery and Hager, Mary. "Terminal Care: Too Painful, Too Prolonged" Perspectives on Argument, Nancy V. Wood. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall,1998 pages 644-646 Keown, John. "Physician-Assisted Suicide: Ethical Issues in Terminal Health Care" Journal of Medical ethics, Vol.2 Issue 4, (Aug.2000). Online. Ebsco Host.15 Sept. 2000 Lace, Timothy J. "Should doctors take part in planned suicides?' Journal of American Medical Association, (Dec. 1989) Online CQ Researcher 16 Spt 2000