Whopping Cranes

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Whooping Crane The Whooping Crane is the most famous endangered bird in North America. It is famous mostly because it is large, distinctive, and photogenic. Since 1967, Canadians and Americans have cooperated in a successful recovery program to save it from extinction. The adult Whooping Crane, is the tallest North American bird. It has a long neck, long dark pointed bill, and long thin black legs. A large male is about 1.5m tall. In the air …

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…and the adults hatched their "foster eggs" and raised the chicks. I think that everyone should be concerned of this problem. I have seen a Whooping Crane and they are very beautiful. We should try to conserve this animal the best we can. To be part of the solution I could help to inform others and especially hunters on the appearance of the Whooping Crane so the population can grow and not decrease. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**