Who says you cant compare apples and oranges

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It has been said that one can not compare apples and oranges. I believe differently. Apples and oranges are both delicious, edible fruits that germinate on trees and are the size of baseballs. Apples are grown in the northern parts of the United States while; oranges are grown in the southern parts. Both make a sweet, vitamin-rich juice and contain seeds. Apples are truly special fruits. Striated, thin reddish-green skin surrounds and protects the moist …

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…like a stem to a tree and when birthed to life ends up with a belly button, as a reminder of his time in utero. Apple and Orange can be used to compare women’s anatomy. The apple is a way to describe a top-heavy woman with bird legs. Oranges are often compared to perfect, round, perky breasts. Although, I prefer oranges, the apple has Auctoritas, legitimate authority stated in the bible; Adam and Eve.