Who Won the War Between the Theologians and the Early Scientists

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Who Won the War Between the Theologians and the Early Scientists The early modern European scientists faced lethal religious opposition. During the debate between the religious authorities and the scientists, the religious faction was immature and barbarous. Over three hundred years later, the scientists have easily won the intellectual debate. The first tangle between the scientists and the church authorities happened when after the death of the Polish monk, Copernicus. He lived from 1472 until 1543, but …

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…and the life cycles of insects. He was able to make these discoveries due to the fact that he built and perfected microscopes. He was the first to see protozoa, cells, and capillary systems under a microscope. Eventually, the church authorities- both Protestant and Catholic- had to concede the field of science to the opposition. This was due to the fact religious concepts were outdated by obvious, scientific thinking that was increasingly clear and useful.