Which film: "The bride of frankenstien" or "Frankenstien", develops the theme Mary Shelley intended for in her novel Frankenstien

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Effectively portrayed Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein is primarily concerned with presenting the destructive effects of prejudice on innocent soul, who is trying to fit in with society. The novel demonstrates this by displaying the monster's constant rejection by humans, because of his hideous complexion. The film, The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) was constructed to portray the novel and to entertain the people, successfully grasped the theme of the novel. Despite the director's intention to make the …

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…has failed he feels that he deserved to die. In conclusion, the movie, The Bride of Frankenstien portrayed the message of the novel Frankenstein by showing the monster's human traits. The movie Frankenstien failed to do so because its obligation was to make the monster seem like a cold-blooded killer. Moreover, because of the director's success, the viewer is able to decipher the different themes in the book more distinctly and in a different perspective.