Whether or not Geoffrey Chaucer intended to retract "The Pardoner's Tale" in THE CANTERBURY TALES.

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NOT a Retraction I have chosen to read "The Pardoner's Tale," from The Canterbury Tales (294-392), by Geoffrey Chaucer. In the following, I will discuss the tale and give you my opinion on why I think Chaucer did not intend to retract this particular tale. "The Pardoner's Tale," is a tale about sin and what one must do to be forgiven for those sins. "The Pardoner's Tale," is a story about gluttony, false oaths and …

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…ll 641-2) , swearing and taking Christ's name in vain, and gluttony "I wol bothe drinke and eten of a cake,"(l 34), and let's the reader know what not to do and in doing so is "written for oure doctrine." As you can clearly see, "Chaucer's Retraction" was not aimed at this story, and therefore, he did not wish to retract this particular story. (with foot notes using THE LONGMAN ANTHOLOGY OF BRITISH LITERATURE, vol I)